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The Alpharetta Trip

Alltel had (yet another) reorganization (with accompanying RIF – Reduction In Force, the new euphamism for downsizing) in late February. With that reorg, I got a new boss. This was the first time since I started working at Lincoln Telephone in 1986 that I had a boss who I didn’t already know (and who didn’t know me). My new boss now has responsibility for the Current Planning organization across all 3 Alltel regions rather than just one.

In an effort to standardize practices in our group across the regions, and I suspect also to build some team cohesiveness, all of his direct reports went to Alpharetta, GA last week to meet face to face.

The Alltel facility in Alpharetta is quite nice – built relatively recently for the purpose of housing several groups within the Alltel corporate structure, it now sits mostly vacant due to reorgs and RIFs.

Upon entry, we passed through a rather opulent lobby, past elevators, to a back lobby, off of which was a meeting room (whose pic is a bit blurry):

Out the doors behind the back lobby area was a courtyard with walking paths, benches, and an area with covered lunch tables. A very nice climate compared to the old downtown 15th & M building in Lincoln.

The meetings dragged on a bit at times, but overall I think it was probably worthwhile. Because I couldn’t get a connection back to Lincoln on Thursday after the conclusion of the gatherings, I stayed an extra night and flew back on Friday. I filled the time Thursday evening by checking out a local brewpub (Buckhead Brewery), which had a couple of pretty tasty beers and decent food.

And I must admit – it was nice to be away from my little cube at work for a few days.

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