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Live from the Sr. High retreat

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2005 Mission Trip

We had a good trip this year. Problem-free travel, no major blow-ups between people, and we got 5 houses repainted.

Consulting with the homeowner Painting the porch

Ladder detail Confused about where the paint was *supposed* to be applied

Painting the eaves Group pic on the mountain

Mission Trip 2004

We had a pretty good Sr. High mission trip to Toronto a few weeks ago. I ended up with about a 15-hour sleep deficit by the end of the week, and the 2-day drive each way was a bit taxing, but overall it was a good trip.

A more complete photo log of the trip can be found in the Photo Gallery.

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End-of-the-Year Picnic

Another school year of youth group activities has come to an end. Of course, we have events planned for the summer, but the weekly meetings are done until the Fall Kickoff on August 29th. It’s been a pretty good year, and since I’ll still see the Sr. Highers regularly this summer, I’m looking forward to a few weeks of not planning and holding meetings.

Here comes the summer…

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Another batch matriculates…

Another batch of Sr. Highers is leaving the nest. We had a special breakfast for the graduates and their parents on Sunday, and gave them each a copy of “The Message” bible. It’s always sad to see them go, but there’s always a fun new batch of freshmen to fill the gap in the fall.

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Eastridge Night at Culver's

For the second year in a row, the Sr. High group delivered food and cleaned tables at Culver’s restaurant to raise money for our summer mission trip. We had a good turnout from Eastridge folks, which helped make it a fun evening of work and fellowship.

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Goofy games

One of the great things about being a youth worker is that you get to be goofy, and allow teenagers to let their cool down and be goofy too. Before last night’s discussion about living selflessly, we played our version of air hocky, where teams have to move a ping-pong ball across the other team’s goal line by using only air.

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