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R.I.P. Annie

I adopted Annie from the humane society in the Fall of 2003. A shepherd-husky mix with a tiny bit of pit bull. A little goofy at times, but pretty well behaved. She’s been a great companion – eagerly greeting me whenever I walked in the door.

I noticed when I first got her that her legs went kind of sideways when she sat on her haunches, but it never seemed to affect her in any other way. Then in the summer of 2009 she started limping slightly, and walking as though her back legs were stiff. But after she’d be up and around, she seemed to loosen up. (The classic symptoms of hip dysplasia). I started her on glucosamine, and it seemed to help. Then a few months later she started getting worse, so before starting her on rimadyl, which over the long term can cause liver damage, I tried a natural medicine called Yucca Intensive. It seemed to help as well. Then after a few more months she got worse again, so I also started her on rimadyl, which definitely helped.

But in the past few days Annie’s condition worsened dramatically, to the point where she had great difficulty standing or walking. She could no longer get up to greet me, even though I could tell she wanted to. I had to carry her out to the yard and back in order for her to do her thing.

So I made the difficult decision to release her from her disease. At around 12:50 today, Annie left this world. Like Gordy, who went before her 11 years ago, I like to think that she’s energetically romping around Narnia now, and that there’s a chance we’ll meet again.

Bye Annie-fannie. I’ll miss you.