…assorted thoughts, musings, rants, etc…


Some of the things that garner my attention and time:

Music – I’ve liked music for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed singing, I played trombone for several years (and was briefly a member of the musicians union), and in the 90s I (sort of) learned to play the guitar.

I like many different genres of music, and my high school/college habit of album collecting turned into a CD collecting habit after college. My current collection (somewhat up to date) can be found here if you’re bored enough to look.

Photography – I picked up the photography bug when my friends Larry Funk and Mike Hart got cameras in high school, and was into it pretty heavily during those years, taking extension classes and learning darkroom skills. Then in college I got busy with classes and mostly abandoned the hobby.

In 2004 I got interested again, and have more actively and intentionally pursued the hobby ever since. Some of my more recent output can be found here.

Computer stuff – I started playing around with PCs in the mid 80s, and have owned at least one since the early 90s. Recently I’ve jumped on the Linux bandwagon, and installed PCLinuxOS as my main operating system. It’s been kind of fun (and occasionally frustrating) to dive in and learn a new OS, especially after knowing most of the ins and outs of Windows for the last 10 years.